What the Grok!? - A Python script to convert grok epxressions to regex

Posted on Wed 17 August 2016 in Regex • Tagged with regex, grok, python, haproxy • 3 min read

I found myself needing to parse an HAProxy log file but was too lazy to write a proper regular expression by hand. I knew that Grok had HAProxy expressions so I wrote a tool to pull out the raw regular expression.

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Serial Over LAN (SOL) - Java’s dead!

Posted on Wed 03 February 2016 in Linux • Tagged with ipmi, linux, java, sol, remote console, serial over lan • 2 min read

I’ve been a sysadmin and worked with sysadmins for years but we’ve always used the cruddy Java applet interfaces to the remote consoles. I started a new job recently and was fed up with it. So, I went about learning how to do Serial Ove LAN (SOL) using IPMI. Turns out, its super easy!

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Capturing and filtering SIP/RTP data with tshark

Posted on Tue 04 August 2015 in Linux • Tagged with wireshark, tshark, SIP, VoIP, networking • 2 min read

Create a ring buffer of packet captures on a VoIP/SIP server.

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Getting to the root of your Git

Posted on Sun 17 May 2015 in Dev Tools • Tagged with git, bash, util • 1 min read

How to quickly cd to the root of your git repository.

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IP address associated with the default route

Posted on Sun 17 May 2015 in Linux • Tagged with hack, osx, linux, networking, ifconfig • 1 min read

Find the IP associated with the default route on Linux and Mac OSX.

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When OSX shebang won’t use Bash 4 from brew

Posted on Sun 17 May 2015 in OSX • Tagged with osx, bash, ugly hack • 1 min read

What do you do when OSX decides to replace Bash4 with Bash3? Get creative!

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Docker commands - the git way

Posted on Sat 16 May 2015 in Dev Tools • Tagged with docker, git • 1 min read

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could run docker compose instead of docker-compose? What about Docker Machine? You can!

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